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A/C Installation

Your Homes & Pools company provides top quality Air-conditioning units at competitive prices as well as offering supply, installation, service and maintenance for all types of air conditioning. Most of our business is through recommendation, therefore references from previous clients are available if required.

Your Homes & Pools offers a range of different services for:

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A/C Maintenance

Clients were not aware that air conditioning units, like other heating and cooling systems, need to have a regular service for them to last! Do you believe that – “Air conditioning maintains itself” or “once fitted you never have to worry about it”? Many of our clients have found out the hard way that this is not true!

Never be caught out by expensive aircon repairs ever again!

Preventive maintenance gives air conditioning a much longer life expectancy, and this also reduces your electric bill considerably. Don’t get caught out; all machines that have broken down, normally do so when they are needed most in either hot or cold conditions.
Preventative maintenance need not be expensive and is an excellent investment because the machine is always operating at its most efficient.
Find out more by calling us today about our extremely popular Preventative Maintenance Plan.
Join the hundreds of people on the coast who enjoy complete peace of mind. Call us for a free consultation on +34 684 377 844 and see how you can benefit from this great service.

What is included in the Preventative Maintenance Plan?

The Preventative Maintenance Plan

The majority of our clients are now part of our preventative maintenance plan which includes a 10 point check; this ensures that their systems have a life expectancy of at least 12 years!

Our Maintenance programme has many benefits:

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